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Tuning Forks/Vibrational Therapy
Science has proven that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies or "notes." All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color.
Each of the organs, glands, and cells in our bodies vibrate at their own specific frequency. These frequencies correspond with musical notes.
For example, a healthy heart vibrates at the frequency of the F note.
Sound frequencies affect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies
When your body is in perfect health and all the parts are vibrating to the correct note, your body is like an orchestra playing beautiful music. Think of the different body parts as musical instruments all vibrating at their own unique frequency or pitch. When the body is in perfect health all parts are playing the right note at the correct tempo, and vibrating in harmony.
Get A Tune Up With Tuning Forks
Energy flows through your healthy body like a river, through a network of meridians and chakras.
However stress, negative emotions and thoughts, even the foods we eat affect the flow of energy, causing energy blocks. When the energy gets blocked, the body part where the blockage is can no longer play the right note at the right tempo. When out of harmony the body plays more like the first day of a grade school band practice than a beautiful orchestra! Although we may not be able to hear the bodies unharmonious sounds, the body will display symptoms that let us know when something is wrong and it needs to be brought back in tune.
The powerful sound vibrations of tuning forks can be used to clear the blockages that are impeding the body's flow of energy. The forks work in a similar manner to acupuncture, only without the use of needles.
When the correct tuning fork is placed next to the organ or chakra that is out of harmony, that area will raise its vibration or "pitch" to that of the fork by the process of entrainment.
 Instead of masking the symptoms of the diseased organ with harmful drugs, or removing it from the body, we are able correct the organs rate of vibration with sound waves.
How Can I Benefit From a Tune Up?
A tuning fork treatment is non-intrusive, there is no touching, no needles, no pain or manipulation involved.  As the sounds flow through your body, every cell pulsates, resonates and interacts with the powerful vibrations, thus awakening the life energy of the cells and returning you to health and harmony.
Tuning Fork Sound Therapy...
• Removes toxins     • Helps to heal soft tissue     • Increases physical energy  
• Releases 'feel good' endorphins          • Provides deep states of relaxation 
• Synchronizes mind-heart-body rhythms  • Opens the meridians and clears the chakras
 • Expands creativity, clarity, and concentration
• Harmonizes the emotional and physical bodies   • Integrates the left and right brain thought patterns
• Supports healthy circulation and immune system function  • Induces the alpha-theta brain states  associated with healing
A Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner
Just owning a set of tuning forks does not make you a practitioner. It takes time, skill, and training, to become competent at sound healing.
A good healer must be able to distinguish the difference in the feel and sound of differing vibrations the forks produce in the energy field. Discordant or negative energy FEELS different than healthy free flowing energy. Blocked negative energy also SOUNDS different, and affects the length of time the sound vibrations will last.
There are different types of tuning forks and various methods of using them. The most common set of forks is used for tuning the chakras. Each chakra has a fork that corresponds in both pitch and color.
This is the first set that I use when doing a "tuning." The chakra set works on the physical body, by opening, clearing, and balancing the chakras, and allowing chi (life force) to move freely. After harmonizing the physical body, I then use the Tree of Life set of forks that bring the emotional and mental bodies into balance. At this point the body is in balance and harmony and extremely receptive to receiving healing energy.
Keep in mind that ALL healing comes from within, an energy healer is simply someone who empowers you to heal yourself.