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General Information about a Polarity Session

Before, During & After a Session


~ Wear loose, comfortable clothing – no jeans, please.

~ Empty all pockets.

~ Remove all jewelry, eyeglasses, belts and shoes and     watches.


~ You will lay on a bodywork table and remained fully clothed
    throughout the session.

~ You may be directed to breathe in conjunction with specific  
    stretches, movements, or techniques – using the breath increases
    the effectiveness  of the energetic release.

~ You may be invited to use visualization or sound techniques to 
    describe your experience or to encourage the release of an
    energetic pattern. 


Be sure to drink plenty of water, especially during the first 24 hours.

~ Polarity makes significant changes in your energetic fields, and
    you may feel effects of this over the next 24 – 48 hours as your
    system reorganizes and integrates these energetic shifts.

~ The range of effects may vary from a deep sense of calm centered-
    ness, to energetic vitality, to fatigue and sleepiness. 

~ Your system will respond exactly as required to make the best
    use of these energetic changes. 

~ Trust the wisdom of your body, pay attention to how you are
    feeling and give your body what it needs, especially during the
    hours immediately following the session. 

~ If you have any concerns about how you are feeling after your
    session, please do not hesitate to call your therapist.

~ Many clients report that they feel the most benefit 24 to 48 hours
    after the session.