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Pamela McCue 


What sets Pamela McCue apart from other Holistic Practitioners?

Unlike other bodywork modalities, Polarity is a complete holistic healthcare system that incorporates and integrates energetic and structural bodywork, communication, dietary awareness, lifestyle changes, and energetic exercises.

Intent – Polarity is based on the basic law of energy which states: “Form follows energy; and energy follows intent.”  In other words, the body and its condition are but a physical manifestation of the energetic patterns within and around it, and making changes in the energy field will result in changes in the physical body.

My intent is to unblock and balance the personal energetic fields of the client by utilizing a large array of energetic and hands-on techniques, to facilitate balance and healing at all levels.

Elemental Assessment – Polarity is unique among the holistic modalities in that it is based on the ability to read and assess the energetic patterns of the body. 

Rather than working with a vague concept of “energy,” I recognize and interpret specific energetic patterns, unique to each individual, in the language of the five elements: ether/space, air, fire, water and earth.  

I work with the client to bring these elemental energies into balance through communication, polarity bodywork, energetic food awareness, polarity exercises and lifestyle changes energy.

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